Report : Indo- Afrique papermill visit (Pune )
Date : 1/10/2010
On 1/10/2010, we got the precious appointment to visit the Indo Afrique paper mill . Which is situated 40Km after katraj ( Pune – satara high way)The main objective was to know the exact quantity of non useful waste pulp of paper & other wastes left after the processing. Also to explore the same data on the potential availability of waste pulp for making the papercrete.On daily basis following will be released to space.
a) 5-10 tons of waste pulp ( 60% fibre & 40 % ash),
b) pulp waste + impurities : 500kg / day,
c) fly ash : 100kg/ day

Image : 5-10 tons of waste pulp ( 60% fibre & 40 % ash)

Considering the data from the potential availability of resources from paper mill & laturs( Jan Adhar ) work on the empowerment of rag pickers the , final copy of proposal is prepared and is given for the cross checking.