Rag Pickers empowerment through papercrete ( 19th Aug 2010)

The women and children ( BPL) wandering here and there in the city, in search of scarp. These people are deprived of the basic needs( food, shelter, cloth).They became the victims of the vicious circle of blind faith, addiction & ill health. They can’t come out of it till their last breath. In the tender age of childhood, parents fondle their kids. As they grow up , they need to attend school . But these children are forced to earn ands fore that they either work hard or beg . As per the survey of the JAS_ ADHAR , only 23 children out of 160 , attend the the school. And the rest  Just think ???

To over come such problem Jan – Adhar strongly believes in the their 5 point scheme viz. self employment, co-operation, education, protection , and dignity.  Janseva Solid Waste management co-operative society  was formed in the year 1996 for self employment on co-operative basis. The society runs a special class and library for school dropout who work in the hotel, brick making, shoe polishing, etc. They are also given vocational guidance.

500 rag pickers are in the network. 42 tractors are under regular service. Around 130 people are working through tractor Janseva currently providing mid day meal facility , regular health checkups, schooling facility to children etc. Till now 30 SHG’s are formed among the woman rag pickers.

This enables them to get the financial & social protection with dignity. Also jan- adhar works on the principle of ‘production by masses’

Following is the table gives the recent survey conducted  on the quantity of waste collected daily from 90,000 houses at Latur

Sl No Type of waste Qty of waste collecetd ( ton)
1 Paper 4.8
2 Carry bag Platic 3.53
3 Agro waste 4.03
4 Glass Etc 3.23
5 Waste cloth 2.78
6 Stone & mud 23.63
7 Scrap metal 2.03
8 Kitchen waste , animal dung 71.45
Total waste in (ton)
116.25 tons

Note : Papercrete is an alternate building material which can developed by  harnessing the potential waste  paper. Janadhar is ready to support for the pilot activity at Latur.


Jan Adhar seva Bhavi Sansatha:

President : Shri Sanjay. Kamble (9923409153)

Shyam Kunj, Shyam Nagar

Latur: 413431