To measure light intensity of various lamps also we can make analysis for energy consumption.To know more about light intensity click here LUX meter


Every one use light but few of us know about intensity.We understand lamps but we can’t answer questions about intensity of light.
In Vigyan Ashram we made LED lamps of various wattage but it could not be sufficient to know how much out put we get from lamp?Idea is to make LED lamp kit with LUX meter.
This device also useful for Farmers (poultry, poly house owner)..


1)LUX meter can help us differentiate lamp as per their light intensity,So we can save power as per energy consumption.
2)In poly house Farmers can used this device
3)In Poultry farming
4)Kids can used this and enjoy activity to measuring light.
5)In photographer can use and develop this device
Before making this device in digital way
I go through various circuit like with using LED and all
Finally I got sucess in below circuit which required very less components
Some resistors, LED and battery
More info:click here
For video:click here