Our aquaponics system, which is almost 65 days old now &  has already started giving handful of vegetables for daily use. These are aquaponically produced completely organic and healthy veggies which are almost free of cost (if cost of the system (Fixed) is not considered). We have planted Tomato’s, okra, Egg plants, Spinach, Fenugreek, chilies and better gourd plants. All of them are either in yielding stage or on flowering. We have harvested around 1.5 to 2 Kg of Spinach with every 7 – 10 day repeat harvesting and 0.5 kg of fenugreek, 200 gm green tomatoes, and 300 gm of fresh Okra, whereas chili / bell paper and cabbage are in raw to harvest within 15 days. . In all as earlier estimated, we can harvest at least 2 vegetable / week for 4 member family size.
Two fish tanks (tank A & B 500 lit each) with around 200 to 250 fingerlings of Cyprus fish (5 to 7 cm) are doing quite well now (with growth of around 2 cm in 40 days). In last week because of over feeding and improper oxygen pump, DO drop down to below 1 ppm caused heavy fish mortality (80 to 100 fingerlings died in 2-3 days span). Now one submersible pump is fixed in tank (A), which pumps water to, 2 PVC pipes (3” dia) with hole for hydroponics plantation (around 12 ft length). Then water back to fish tanks (B) with increased DO. As water flow in pipes, DO in fish tank increases to more than 3 ppm (on an average) in span of 2 hr of motor run.
One more thing, we are observing that as plant density in grow beds increases, plant health and production goes on increasing. This is may be because of nutrient balance occurred naturally with plant density. Periodical testing of soil and water for nutrient content will be done in next few days to understand relation between root density Vs water quality.
Few design problems are also noted, while operating system, which will be documented separately and uploaded soon.