Some projects which comes under ‘Public needs’ and ‘Scrap Revolution’ terms done at Vigyan ashram’s  DIY Lab ,Pune by students.Go through links for more details.
1.Wireless Remote controller:
Generally we use wireless remote controllers in toys;Lets think  how we can use this remote controller for home automation ? This project explains you in better way how we did this. Please go through this link: Wireless Remote Controller
2.Laser Cutted Pen Stand: Design and print this model on laser cutter,for more details click here.
3.Table -chairs from scrap: Recyle your solid waste with making projects like this.For more details Click here.
4. Paper Stand from Pet Bottles: Reuse pet-bottels to avoid solid waste pollution.  Visit this link for more details :Paper stand
5. Sky lantern: Make and reuse plastic waste with making this . Go for more details: Sky lantern
6. T shirt printing: Lets print your T shirt at home.Click here for more details.
7. Automatic plant watering system : Please  go through this link for details Final project.