Tunnel cropping is new advanced technology in agriculture production ,where crops are grown in small tunnel covered with polyhouse paper ( paper having UV light stabilizers ) . This technology is very popular now days in Punjab-Hariyana .  Because of low tunnel and polu-paper crops here get protection from UV light ,they get extra CO2 which get trapped under poly-paper and also get protection  frost or chilling injury . This is very low cost and effective technology . In Maharashtra particularly in winter season this tunnel cropping can be used for vegetable crops( specially Cucurbetaceae family crops)
We are doing experiment with this technology and so far found very exiting results . RED CABBAGE a type of exotic vegetable we are growing now and comparing this with open field crop . Two plots of red cabbage are planted on same day and with same fertilizer and irrigation dose . This is found that plant hight / girth and vigor is more that double in tunnel cropping system . Experiment is going on as DBRT project , photo show crop in tunnel and behind that regular open bed.