Sprouts has many health benefits. Sprouting of grains / pulses need right amount of temperature , humidity and dissolved oxygen. We observed that their are certain pulses which are difficult to sprout (Kidney bean , Soybean , chickpea etc). Its probably due to protein content & type in these pulses. They either start fermentation process very quickly or has certain dormancy period. Traditionally these grains are hanged in muslin cloth during rainy season in falling rains. Applying this traditional wisdom , a sprouting chamber is designed for our kitchen (5 Kg sprouts / batch).
This chamber has water sprinkler , temperature & humidity and dissolved oxygen enrichment system. Grains are pre-soaked for 12 to 24 Hr (as per weight gain data for selected grains) and then placed in perforated trays with timer based water sprinkling chamber.Difficult to sprout grains can be easily sprouted within 48 to 72 Hrs without any fermentation or stickiness. For more information please follow following doc link –  SPROUTING UNIT REPORT