This is a small device developed at Vigyan Ashram FABLAB to detectpresence of liquids.This device is basically intended to find low cost solution for detecting water overflow from tanks,leakages in pipes,leakages in taps.In rural areas it is a common problem that water timetable is uncertain.If this device installed at community water taps can save time i.e people wont have to wait for long hours at common taps. Also wastage of water can be avoided.
This can also be used for irrigation purposes.It is being used as a sensing device in an upcoming project  at Vigyan Ashram FABLAB related to irrigation.the probes when inserted at the root zone of the plant can detect presence of even slightest moisture.
The device works via resistive and capacitive method.  As a stand alone device it gives  alarm. It can be easily interfaced to a micro controller.