Melghat is the tribal area near Amaravati ( Dt) Maharastra. Here grid supply is yet not reached. Tribal people are living in communities , not having any basic facility like light during night. Two persons from Melght approached Vigyan Ashram Pabal through the neighbouring NGO Melghat Mitra (serving in Melght  area) to leran the manufacturing & repairing of the  LED emergency lights. The need & inspiration in the youth clearly showed the interest to learn the manufacturing & repairing of LED products.  From Dec31, 2009- 4th Jan 2010 the training was conducted  at Vigyan Ashram premises. During the training following things were covered:
Basics of Electricity ( safety rules) , LED, tools & equipments, testing , costing, fault finding, repairing & recharging of battery , solar panel voltage checking etc were covered along with the LED manual in Marathi was given to each of the participants.
During the training we sold worth of Rs5700 LED materials to Melghat Mitra.
The following people co-ordinated the program: Mr. Anil.Joshi (program officer), Mr. Bahusaheb. waghole( DBRT instructor), children from the Energy & environment department.