From 26th to 29th Oct, we (Ranajeet Shanbhag and Ramkrushna Agarkar ) visited Chennai for attainding 8th convocation programme of JRD Tata NVA fellowship of 2012. Mr.Ramkrushna Agraker nominated by Vigyan ashram got selected for his work of adoption of new advance technologies in agriculture and farmer’s club / producer company establishment.
For this year total of 142 fellows were selected from all over India out of which 24 were from Maharashtra state. This fellowship award is organized and given by M S Swaminathan foundation in collaboration with Govt of India , for recognizing & encouraging grassroots leaders .
Programme started on 27th Oct, with Introduction section from Swaminathan foundation. After explaining objectives and expectation from grassroots innovators, a ice breaking session is organized for sharing experience of past fellow’s. Then newly selected candidates presented their work areas and contribution they made for society.  Newly selected candidates also planned their further work and expected help from Swaminathan foundation.
On 28th, fellowship is awarded were presented to each candidate by Dr. M.S.Swaminathan in convocation ceremony. In afternoon session , group discussion on ICT need and scope in agriculture was organized , with experts from different sectors  as ISRO / NASCOM/CALLCOM/Digital green/ ITC CSR etc.