This project is being developed at the Vigyan Ashram Fablab lead by Mr. Siddharth.
It is basically intended to find a low cost and reliable solution for protecting crops in fields.The requirement basically came from one of the farmers who was cultivating watermelons.There were many intruders in his field during nighttime so he had to keep a strict vigil on his field.Similar is the situation of majority of the farmers.So there is a need of low cost solution.
There are currently many products like electric fence and many other things in market.But they are not used by the farmers due to many reasons.Some of the reasons are uninterrupted power is not available.Secondly affording such costly solutions is not possible for poor farmers. Solar powered electric fences are available but it adds to the cost.So the idea came of implementation it through infrared technology.
In this project basically involves a IR transmitter and a IR receiver which are installed in field.The transmitter Ir diode is  used as Infrared source.The receiver consist of  TSOP38.

The transmitter continuously transmits at a frequency of 38KHz.Depending upon the interruptions the MCU takes decision and activates alarm.At a primary level we are just activating a siren and a bulb so that the intruder will run away.
Presently there are many limitations of the system being developed out of which the link range,low transmission power,and interruptions due to wind and birds are major issues.Experimentation and research is being done to solve these problems and make a foolproof system.The  present cost of the fence is approx. Rs.150 (0nly the electronic part) for 5 feet.Attempts are being made to implement it at a commercial level.
The advancements regarding the project will be updated.Suggestions and comments are welcomed and will be credited.