Capsicum is major vegetable crop in India , pabal was well known for capsicum cultivation before 10-15 years , but because of lack of advance agricultural know-how , non availability of good & genuine planting material make this crop out of agricultural cultivation chart in Pabal. After formation of farmers club and after successive meetings we arranged a study tour for studding advanced technologies of capsicum cultivation and decided that we will bring this crop in to main frame cultivation in pabal . Group members agreed that they will follow all advanced techniques of cultivation as drip irrigation , fertigation , mulching paper tech. etc . and VA will provide them genuine planting material (seedling ) in low cost .

So far pabal farmers group have invested around 5 lakh Rs.(without any loan) and cultivated around 5.5 acre of capsicum and VA has provided nearly 35000 seedling on ,no loss no profit basis . After successful cultivation now many vegetable traders and other input traders are contacting this group for marketing at the same time many other farmers from Pabal and near by villages are visiting these plots and wishing to follow them (those who are earlier apposing to these new techniques ). In future we are planing to bring more area under drip irrigation and wants to increase cultivation of short term vegetables.