FabCamp I was held at the Vigyan Ashram FabLab from October 12-16, 2009. The camp was intended to be an introduction to FabLabs and computer-controlled cutting for local school-children. 11 students from Bhairavnath Vidyalaya attended the first edition of the FabCamps. Over the course of 5 days, the students used the sign cutter and the laser cutter to work on a variety of simple projects, ranging from labels, to keychains and custom-made t-shirts.

The schedule followed was:

  1. Introduction to the sign-cutter: Number plates and Name plates

  2. Introduction to the laser-cutter: Keychain-making

  3. Screen printing

  4. Introduction to basic electronics: LED-based torches

  5. Fun with science: simple experiments

A few pictures from the camp:

More photos will be uploaded on Picasa: The link will be uploaded on this blog shortly.