FAB6 is the annual international Fab Lab event which gathers field practitioners and laboratory researchers from the FabLab network and beyond, for a week of hands-on workshops and a one day academic symposium on the principles and applications of digital fabrication.
The one day academic Symposium on August 19 was held by researchers in the emerging science of digital fabrication who studied out the programmed assembly of functional structures, ranging from nano scale proteins to microscale microfluidics to macroscale buildings, along with counterparts investigating the global implications and local consequences of the digitization and personalization of fabrication. Hosted by MIT, Fab Foundation Netherlands, Waag Society, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences and other local partners, it features participants from world-renowned education and research institutions.
Purpose Of the Visit:
The theme of this event was the Industrial [r]Evolution through which we were explored the implications and consequences of personal digital fabrication for art, business, industry, culture and education. We were poised on the threshold of a new era, like that of the Industrial Revolution, emerging from access to low- cost, high-precision fabrication tools and powerful Internet-based communication capabilities which are changing the ways we think about and approach innovation, invention, intellectual property, creative processes, computation, manufacturing and distribution, business models and social and cultural networks. In a world where anyone can access the tools to make or create almost anything, the possibilities are limitless.This is the Industrial [r]Evolution, a socioeconomic and technical [r]evolution from mechanical means of production to digital means of production and communication.
The Presentation of the Admin Device Developed in the fablab was done in the fab6 along with few other projects.
Conclusive Opinion:
The Conference Fab6 Brings lot of cheerful ideas which can be easily implemented in Vigyan ashram using fab lab. As this year the theme of the conference was the industrial[r] revolution, new ideas came to front like developing fab lab as a business model,also for the education and for workshops.The conclusions from the fab6 are as-
1.Fab Lab for Design Model
2.Fab Lab as a education Model
3.Fab Lab as Business Model
4.Fab Lab as a Workshop
Photos Of Fab6: