1. Domestic composter– Domestic composter are well designed for small capacity domestic applications.

Product Details:

Minimum Order Quantity 1 Piece
Type of Waste Kitchen waste
Capacity (Kg) 30 Liters
Grade Manual
Electrical Consumption  Nil
Main Vessel FRP Coated MS Hexagonal Drum
Suitable for no of Households Individual House
Electrical Supply Not Required
Shredder No


  1. Load the culture in the hexagonal drum. (1 kg)
  2. Load the daily waste from kitchen into the hexagonal drum.
  3. Rotate the drum 5 times in clockwise and 5 times in anticlockwise for proper mixing.
  4. Every time you load the kitchen waste into the drum, repeat the step number 3.
  5. Repeat the cycle until drum fills up to its 80% loading capacity.
  6. Once drum fills up to its 80% loading capacity, unload the entire mixture from drum into the trey.
  7. Keep the trey away to direct sunray and rain exposure.
  8. The mixture from trey will convert to compost in next 7 days.
  9. Repeat steps 1 using the compost unloaded at step number 6 and proceed for next cycle 2 to 7.

Domestic composter nearly cost ₹1,500 for 1.0 kg capacity/day. (Again cost varies with capacity of system).

The above model of domestic composter is commercialized with the name “Akshay Home Composter” and installed at following end users.

DIY manual is available at link below: