The Vigyan Ashram and Coep tied up a MOU regarding uses of the fablab in pune.Vinayak and Amitraj are working in this lab at coep on Admin Device project.They are working on saturday and sunday of every week.Till now the tasks done at coep, pune on the project Admin Device are as follows-
1.The modela machine is used to mill the EEPROM pcb.
2.The coding of the device is done on various platforms in the coep.
3.The discussion regarding the use of modela machine for scanning of the object was doneĀ  with one of the client Miss.Asmita Dalavi.
4.The USB led lamp testing is done using some components from the lab.
5.The discussion with the coep students done regarding use of modela and its training.
6.The modulewise programming like LCD,KYYPAD,MEMORY using the keil compiler is done in the lab.
7.The pcb required for the RTC board is milled in the fablab at coep using the modela.