Chikki making (Indian dry nut Candy) is very profitable and well set cottage scale business in rural and urban areas. With SHG revolution many SHG’s groups and individual entrepreneurs are engaged in Chikki making. In this business fuel cost is supposed to be major input cost , which involves in roasting nuts and making sugar/jaggery syrup. If this cost is reduced by using solar cooking devices(Solar scheffler / PRINCE – 40 ), business profit can be significantly increased and new carbon free product can be marketed with extra cost (details are given in attached link below). In our trial we also found that taste (quality) of final product is also far better than fire wood / LPG stove made chikki, mainly because of even roasting of nuts.
In short these devices can be used for commercial Chikki making business. Detailed trial report is given below-              carbon-free-chikki1.