Polyhouse farming is one of the very important achievement in Advanced Agricultural practices.We can achieve 3 to 5 times more yield in Polyhouse/Greenhouse farming. But still today main constraint for this is its higher initial cost , so working in this same area from last two year , Vigyan Ashram find same very  cost effective and sophisticated way of building and maintaining Polyhouse for local areas.We hare at Vigyan ashram have reduce polyhouse building cost up to 40% of that market price using MS material and making use of steel from scrape.
Presently give have planted nearly 2.5 guntas of colored capsicum and harvesting is stated from 15/03/2010 (crop is of 75 days old). Yield and Quality of fruits are very satisfactory.The highest size of fruit is of 262 gm and yield is about 40 kg/batch.The yield and fruit size will increase as it become more older.Vigyan Ashram will share its experience with other farmers in coming days.