We are please to successfully complete trial test of ‘ Aurvedic Oil making machine’. This machine is designed & fabricated as per need of SHG members associated with our partner organization Rural Communes. This SHG is manufacturing Nirgudi (Vitex Negundo )Oil with traditional process. This unit will help them to high higher production with better heat efficiency, less time & labor requirement.  Highlighted features of machine are as follow –

  • Heating kettle – SS body with total volume of 60 to 80 lit / batch , Convex shape bottom with drain valve for water & oil (final product) harvest.
  • Increased heat exchange efficiency with  adjustable stirrer blades , baffles & electronically controlled heat sensor.
  • LPG based heating with adjustable flame valve.
  • Wet grinder (stone) for easy grinding of product mix.

Design Innovation student , Sidhesh sakore & Ashwini Bhandare  worked on design & fabrication of this unit. For more information please write us on vapabal@gmail.com