As published earlier , we at Vigyan ashram , conducting trial on Aquaponics (RAS) system with Grass carp fish. At present our system is of 5 months old (loaded with 2 Gm grass carp fingerlings in September 2017) and its running quite smooth. The bio-beds are flushed with Tomatoes , Alo leaves and polyhouse with rose plantation. Grass carps also showing fair growth rate with 30 to 450 Gm fish weight in last 5 months. Fish is fed with Azolla / Berseem (Trifolium alexandrinum) and floating pallets (40:40:10 ratio). The weight (growth) variation probably due to higher stocking density (1000+ fingerlings in 50000 lit fish tank). We are thinking to do thinning of fish for getting marketable fish in next 3-4 months (By end of June 2018)