Aquaponics is simple symbiosis of plants and fish i.e its combination of Hydroponics and Aquaculture system. In developed countries like that of UK, Australia , USA lot of work has already done and many farmers using this system on commercial scale. The main advantage of aquponics is water & nutrient recycling and completely organic food production. Even though its initial cost is little high and very few references are available on its feasibility on Indian conditions, it can be used for urban or semi-urban vegetable production.

Vigyan ashram  have started small trial for checking its scope and feasibility in Indian condition. We have also checking few new agricultural techniques with aquaponics system  as NFT (Nutrient film Technique ) , Flood and drain System . Right now we are conducting one trial on NFT (Photo No – 1) in which we are testing Cabbage , Capsicum growth with normal planted control plot(with Guppy and cattla fish). In second trial(Photo 2) we are testing flood and drain system (with bell & siphon method & Guppy fish) and on third trial (Photo 3)we are checking NFT with ornamental fishes (Indoor system with Gold fish ).

After initial 6 month trial , we are hoping to use it for WSHG training in urban , semi-urban area.