We have applied for Patent project for this project. The objective of this project is to help teacher’s to record students records instead of keeping manual records in registers.
Field of the Invention:
The invention is to help teachers to keep record of students in a hand held device. Teacher will able to record attendance of students on click of button and also record progress of students in the class. The device will store data in its memory and works on the battery. The data can be transferred to computers for generating reports. The invention will be hand held device and software program for the same.
The following block diagram will clarify the architecture of the invention:

The physical embodiment of the said invention comprises of:

  1. A hand-held data logging device, with a user interface composed of a display unit, and a set of keys/buttons for data input (AdminAssist)
  2. On-board software to log the data as entered by the user, and storage media for the same
  3. Ports to interface with a computer (ProcTerm) to process the logged data
  4. Software on the computer to actually process the data , and generate required feedback based on parameters for the metrics entered/generated

The AdminAssist will be used by the teacher/administrator on-site. It will be made up of a display unit, appropriate means for entering the data, and storage media to log the entered quantities. The user interface, composed of the display unit and a set of easy-to-use button combinations will enable the instructor to quickly enter records as needed. This raw data will be stored on a storage medium present on the AdminAssist itself. On-board software will be built into the AdminAssist to facilitate this process. Attendance status will be updated on pressing a single key.
This device will be able to connect with computers by means of appropriate communications ports – USB (Universal Serial Bus), RS232 and Ethernet ports. ProcTerms here refers to computers with appropriate processing software installed and connectivity/interfacing prerequisites fulfilled. This software will extract raw data from the AdminAssist device, and be able to run statistical processing operations on it. Metrics will be generated for an individual student or a group of students, across a set of user-defined parameters.Alterations to the present invention/ components thereof are possible. A whole range of AdminAssist models can be constructed based on the level of complexity desired, starting from a basic model to simply log attendance data to advance versions. Functions can be layered on this basic model to provide for logging and subsequently processing tasks with increasingly wider scope. This will entail changes to the user interface of the AdminAssist to suit requirements, and will affect the choice and nature of the storage medium of the AdminAssist.
A representation of the said device could be made thus:

List of Specifications:

  1. Connectivity by means of USB, RS232 and Ethernet ports, for computer interfacing.
  2. Adequate Flash memory on-board. Right now, we intend it to be 512 MB – this will store records for 100 students for one year.
  3. In-System Programmable 8-bit MCU. System can be upgraded on Intenet through various communication means (such as Ethernet, Wireless Cards etc.)
  4. Capable of working on AC 230V input, as well as 9V, 1A batteries.
  5. Attendance to be recorded on a one-key press.

List of user functionalities:

  1. Keypad Interface for device administration and data handling
  2. Set number of students whenever there is a change
  3. Generate Daily/weekly/monthly/yearly report
  4. Unmodifiable logging/usage timings (to address tamper proof functionality)