ON 16.01.2011 (Sunday) meeting was held on Capsicum cultivation and drip irrigation system by farmers club at vigyan ashram (VA), Pabal . This meeting was part of regular weekly meeting .We discussed about learning of study tour conducted by this group in 2nd week of Dec 2010 (Kolhapur – Study of capsicum cultivation without shed-net ) . A special guest lecturer Mr. Kawale (Netfilm drip irrigation system’s dealer of Shirur Taluka ) was invited to guide on- latest technologies of capsicum cultivation and advantages/ economics of drip irrigation. Mr. Kawale guided all farmers about nursery technology, cultivation practices , advantages of water soluble fertilizers , mulching paper technology , disease and pest management of capsicum , drip irrigation cost , economics and market trend of capsicum crop etc in detailed . Farmers asked their quires and get it cleared by guest faculty . It is decided that farmers those who wants to cultivate capsicum will approach first to VA, VA will registered them and forward it to kawale for free cultivation consultancy . VA will also provide seedlings of capsicum on No-loss-No profit basis ( @ 1.15 Rs/ seedling, where as current rate in privet nurseries are 2.70 to 3.10 Rs/plant ) , but farmers   should register their request first to VA with deposit amount  .VA also declared that it is going to install new weather station in area ,which has facility to test leaf moister and other details . The data from this weather station (after processing ) will be delivered to farmers by SMS in free of cost ,which will be useful for disease / pest forecasting . Nearly 25-30 farmers were present for this meeting .
On 23/01/2010 successive meeting was held to discuses requirement of seedling for PABAL village and time schedule for this crop .
In this meeting it is decided that Farmer club will provide agricultural dairy (Krushi Darshani ) published by agricultural university  to all its members .
On coming Sunday(30.01.2010) a special lecture on Capsicum cultivation and its disease and pest management will be held at VA . Guest faculty from Syngenta crop science (Krushi shakti , Manchar) will be invited for this programme.