Author: Vigyan Ashram (DST core supported blog)

Aero-seance , a weather parameter sensors for School

Aero-seance is a simple DIY kit module for building a multiple sensor check on one device. This sensor module has following modules ( not limited to below list) – MQ6 — It detects LPG Gas leakage. MQ7— It detects Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas. MQ135—- It detects CO2, Smoke, Alcohol, and NH3. LDR ——- it detects intensity of light. DHT 22—- It detects Temperature and Humidity. For more details on this please follow link below – Details:...

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New Pyrolysis based Sanitary Pad Incinerator (Version 4)

Sanitary Napkin Incinerator  (Version 4) A novel incineration device has been developed that uses pyrolysis to decompose sanitary napkins into hydrocarbon vapours and combustible gases along with some non-combustible gases and char. These vapours and gases are made to pass over high temperature electric coils (>500 degC) where they auto-ignite in the presence of oxygen. The heat from the flames partially drives the pyrolysis of remaining sanitary pads. A smoke stack thermocouple sensor feeds back values to a PID controller implemented through a microcontroller to maintain proper pyrolysis and combustion conditions that result in a transparent flue gas exiting...

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Build your own – Hydroponics Fodder Unit

Dear viewers farmers thank you very much for over willing response for our video on youtube about advance fodder techniques. ( We are getting lot on inquiries for more detailing on building hydroponics fodder unit. Please find attached bellow details in this regard. For any further details you can contact us on given details. Thanks Hydroponics fodder  cultivation –Hydroponics fodder structure  ...

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